Trinity Fellowship was founded upon the expectancy that everyone who walks through our doors would have the opportunity to meet Jesus, encounter the Holy Spirit, step further into their God-given destiny, and find a place to call home. 40 years later, that expectancy remains.

As we celebrate our church’s 40th anniversary, we honor our heritage and what God has done throughout the years. He has used Trinity Fellowship to change countless lives for all eternity, and 2017 was no exception.

This year we continued to rise up in Jesus’ authority, teaching people how to follow His greatest commandment – to love God and one another. I believe that as we teach people how to love, we are unstoppable in advancing God’s kingdom. I’m excited to share with you a few highlights from this year:


These numbers are incredible because each one represents a life story being re-written by the love of God. As a faithful supporter of Trinity Fellowship, you are a part of each story, and you make our church a place for growth, relationship, healing, discovery, connection, and so much more. Thank you!

Enjoy looking back at this past year, knowing that 2017 was one worth celebrating all God has done. We’ve also included some photos from different seasons of our 40-year history throughout this year’s report – including the one of Kim, Knox, and me on this page! I look forward to 2018, where we will continue to build upon the foundation that was laid for us many years ago.


When Rosvel and Lety began dating,

Lety says things were good until they moved in together and Rosvel’s lifestyle began to affect their relationship. “I was working in the oil field, and I turned to drinking on my days off,” Rosvel says, “I didn’t care about anything.” 

Over the next few years, their relationship remained rocky, and Lety clung to the hope that one day things would change. When Lety became pregnant with their daughter, she was afraid to stay in the relationship but also hopeful that the new baby would change their household for the better. Unfortunately, their home life grew even more difficult after Leah was born. 

“I wasn’t there for her,” Rosvel says. “My daughter was born, and I figured that would make me a better man, but I pushed them aside.”

Lety remembered her mother’s strong faith in God, and she wondered if, in the instability of her own home, she could find stability in a church home. Soon Lety began attending weekend services at our Pampa campus, and she found exactly what she had hoped for: a community of people ready to love her and her daughter and pray for the future of her family. 

Lety began inviting Rosvel to attend church as well, and while he didn’t mind them going, Rosvel was not interested, himself. “I always said, ‘no’, I just felt like I wouldn’t be accepted – like I had done too much wrong.” 

Lety says she would pray to God every day, asking Him to help her family, to soften Rosvel’s heart, and to do something – anything – that would get him to turn to Jesus, even if it hurt. 

Then, Rosvel lost his job. While the circumstances were difficult, Lety was hopeful that it was the answer to her prayers. Sure enough, Rosvel “woke up one morning and I said to Lety, ‘Let’s go to church.’” And that’s exactly what they did. 

“It felt good in there,” Rosvel says, “It was a good feeling. We went home that day, and just kept coming every Sunday. I began to feel at home. I loved it here. The people – they loved me. I found happiness. I found acceptance.”

As the weeks went by, Rosvel says he listened to the messages in service, learning more about God and who He really is, and one morning he found himself with his hands in the air, crying, recognizing Jesus as His Savior and thanking God for everything He had done for him. 

With their life on a new track, Rosvel knew the next step for he, Lety, and their daughter Leah, was marriage. Lety accepted his proposal, and the two of them were married at the Pampa campus and baptized together just a few weeks later. Today they are enjoying not only being one with each other, but also being connected to a community of people who surround them with acceptance, love, and support. “This could only be God,” Lety says. “It’s a miracle. Our own little miracle.” 

When they met,

Duane and Inna were literally from two different worlds. Duane was from Amarillo, and Inna from Ukraine. “When we got married, we had a lot of love for each other,” Inna says, “but I always felt like something was missing.”

For both Duane and Inna, not only was God someone far-off and unreachable, making a real relationship with Him nearly impossible, but the Holy Spirit was someone even more unknown to them.

Duane’s business regularly brought him to the Hollywood Road campus during the week, where he connected with Shaun, a member of our facilities team. Shaun invited Duane to church on multiple occasions and gave him a copy of Pastor Jimmy Evans’ book Ten Steps Toward Christ.

“Finally, I said yes!” Duane says, and they attended a weekend service. For Inna, “The people were very kind and friendly, and I felt comfortable. It felt like home.” The couple continued to come to church and soon, wanting everything God had for them, began to attend any class they could fit into their schedule. It was not long before they began to learn about the Holy Spirit and the freedom found in Him! “We realized that not only can you speak to God, but He can speak to you as well, “ Inna says, “we knew that was what was missing in us and in our relationship – the Holy Spirit.”

One weekend during Growth Track’s Essentials 201, Duane and Inna learned about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and were ready to take the next step and receive it. Duane says, “afterward, we went up to the pastor teaching the class and said we were ready to be baptized in the Holy Spirit – he laid his hands on us, prayed for us to receive it, and we did!”

“When we got baptized in the Holy Spirit, it’s like my eyes were opened,” says Inna, “before, the world [Duane] saw and the world I saw were different – afterward, we became one. We learned to hear God, and his voice just gives me so much peace. When you hear it, there’s so much comfort. You feel loved.”

For Duane, the Bible began to come alive to him in a new, fresh way, and he has found that the Holy Spirit has empowered him to speak life over his business, his coworkers, and has found that every area of his life has changed for the better. “Our marriage, our finances, everything- the way we talk – we’re different now. Because we are filled with the Holy Spirit, our lives have changed so much, and we know it’s just the beginning.”

When Jeremiah was offered a new job

that required a move to Amarillo, he and his wife, Jennifer, desired more than just a new town to live in – they wanted a place to call home. On a visit to Amarillo prior to the move, the timing worked for the family to attend the 9:30am service at the Hollywood Road campus. “We walked in the door and right into one of the handful of people we knew in Amarillo,” Jeremiah says, “She helped us get settled and our kids checked into children’s ministry. We loved the worship service, and we decided that we should stay at Trinity for a year and get settled into a community of believers.”

“I was hesitant to come to this big church,” Jennifer says. “It was intimidating to me - I was so used to “my people” in my small town in my comfort zone. The crazy thing about this big church is that I felt so welcome as soon as I walked up. The Lord knew I needed that.”

In service one Sunday morning, an announcement was made about a We Are One Women’s Night happening the next evening. Jennifer made the decision to go, knowing “I would not be able to make it in this new town if I waited around for people to come to me. I had asked the Lord to help me be brave, and I just showed up. [That night] I met some amazing women and felt comfortable right away. And then, I just kept showing up time and time again. I thought these could be ‘my new people.’

Jennifer wasn’t the only one “showing up”- Jeremiah was finding his stride as well by attending The Chase Men’s Nights as well as The Chase Class. The couple soon completed the Growth Track and joined the Dream Team.

Today you will find them as leaders at North – the Hollywood Road young adult ministry – as well as serving in Children’s Hospitality. They are connected in one of our marriage small groups as well.

Jeremiah and Jennifer meant to be at Trinity for one year, which has long passed. “We have never looked back,” Jeremiah says.

As for Jennifer, “So here in this big church, in this new town, we have felt seen, loved, cared for, prayed for, edified, sharpened, and truly welcomed, like we are family. Thank you Jesus for the courage to just continue showing up – otherwise we would have missed out on these blessings.”

“I was desperate for help when I went to my first TFAC Roundtable one year ago. Now we have a Strategic Plan in place, concrete objectives, unprecedented clarity and focus, and a renewed excitement about ministry.  We are already seeing increased attendance, an increase in visitors, salvations every week, and more baptisms.  I’m excited for the changes in my church, my team, and my life. The TFAC team has been an answer to my prayers and I look forward to great things and great times ahead!”

Ken Jefferson
The Lord’s Table Church,
Greensboro, NC

“I can’t begin to tell you how our relationship with TFAC has changed our church!  We have  been stretched and encouraged on so many levels!  I personally have developed lasting relationships through the Senior Pastor Roundtables while my entire team went through a cultural shift through Leadership University.  Recently, we went through a Strategic Planning session that was one of the most revealing experiences I have ever had in the 20 plus years I’ve been in ministry.”

Kris Humphrey
Cornerstone Church,
Garden City, KS